Wholesale or Bulk Enquiries

For wholesale or bulk buyers we have a trade discount of 25% when you place a minimum order of £100 plus postage or £350 carriage paid (UK only, postage will still apply to overseas orders) 

Please note that prior arrangement must be made by email for a wholesale discount and payment must be made by bank transfer only

Please place your order as usual and click on the option to pay by post and we will calculate your discount and shipping and send a payment request.

We can take debit cards, credit cards or bank transfer in Sterling but cannot take pay pal for bulk or wholesale orders.

This discount does not apply to the section for antiques or collectibles but trade enqiries are more than welcome and we are always fexible on trade prices for these items.

Decoupage box's and trunks are included in the wholesale and bulk buy discount but shipping will apply for these items. Alternativly you can arrange to view all decoupage items by appointment.