Decoupage File Box Using Victorian Scraps

This file box was purchased from a flea market and is from around 1900 with original handles and green paper lining. I have listed pictures from start to finish to show how simple it is to create the design which forms Victorian style decoupage. Die cut Victorian style scraps are used with heavy duty ready mixed wall paper paste, a pair of small sharp scissors, a pair of larger scissors, a damp cloth and a lot of patience :) 

One tip to begin with would be to edge your box with one of the floral edging scraps or save the yellow and black edging strips from the Mamelok press scrap sheets as these are perfect for this particular task. When you have edged the box just start to glue the scraps and then apply them to each panel in turn remembering to work from top to bottom and to try to place figural scraps to the fore, ie, to be careful not to cover faces or have scraps upside down.