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Within this catagory you will find all types of decoupage paper. From Stamperia box Italy to Earnst Freihoff Germany and Mamelok England. These decoupage papers have been chosen especially for thier pretty deisign but also for thier thickness and durability. Designs for all your decoupage needs

Die cut German decoupage scraps that are also used for decoupage are also available from this site

We have been importing these papers from Germany and Italy for the past 28 years and are always looking to improve our range.....

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Decoupage paper is the most important artistic element in the art of decoupage. After all, it's the decoupage paper that you choose that creates the "painting" in the final piece. So, choosing your paper is important and should be done carefully.

The most important aspect of choosing your decoupage paper is the look. Thankfully, nearly any paper will work, and don't forget that fabric works great, too. Of course, thicker, heavier papers may be easier to work with, and may be the best option for beginners, since they're more difficult to damage during the process. But, even tissue paper can be used quite effectively, as long as you're careful.

If you're concerned about your ability to place the paper properly for a great look, all I can say is that it takes time and practice to create a beautiful layout. One technique that works well for beginners is to have multiple copies of the same picture or patterned paper, so that you're using one design, rather than trying to use multiple pictures on one item. Great decoupage papers that utilize just one design include wrapping paper and scrapbooking paper. It's also a good idea to layout your designs carefully for a practice run or two before you begin adding glue to the mix. You might even sketch it out on paper first, to help you determine how many pictures you'll need as well as how you want to place them.

Another great way to use the same image over and over is to look on the internet to find an image that you'd like to use and reproduce it so that it's easy to create a pattern. Just be certain that the image you're choosing is not copyright protected. Most images will be fine for personal use, so as long as you're not planning to sell your decoupaged items, you should be fine.

One technique that works well is to copy the image multiple times into one document and then print it out. This will give you one sheet of paper that already has a pattern. This makes laying out your design much simpler. Keep in mind that if you print these pictures on photo paper, it's best to let the printed pictures sit for a day before you use them. The ink takes a very long time to dry on this paper. Your project may smear if you use it too soon.

Magazines, books and greeting cards also make great decoupage paper. Many scour yard sales for inexpensive picture books. The pictures can be used to create great montages for your decoupage projects. Group pictures with similar themes to create a cohesive project.

Finally, don't forget your own personal pictures as decoupage paper. Don't feel like you're destroying them when you use them; in fact, you're creating a very memorable and unique way to display them. A plate covered in photos of the grandkids makes a great gift for Grandma.

Decoupage is all about being creative. Almost anything can be decoupaged, and almost any paper or fabric can be used for the process. The many possibilities that decoupage offers will amaze you!